Marquita Flowers

Marquita Flowers is a curator, arts educator and creative consultant. Born in the Bronx, during the 90’s, Marquita learned from many black artists who imparted the gift of collective thinking, action and art making. Building within supportive Black ecosystems was the most crucial component to their work and is the guiding value system Marquita aims to uphold within her curatorial practice. Marquita is currently working to develop a framework for radical creative equity which is an antidotal offering to the often individualized, capitalist and patriarchal culture that permeates our collective capacities. Radical creative equity interrogates market ideology and asks critical questions about the creative labor of Black people under capitalism. It is a project of communal invention and reinvention with aims to produce new realities for Black visual culture. Marquita has several accolades from academic institutions but nothing has contributed to her growth more than becoming a mother. Being in community, on the dance floor and in ephemeral spaces of Black imagination is where she thrives.