The Apprenticeship Program at NXTHVN is central to our mentorship mission.

Each year, NXTHVN welcomes between four and nine local high school students who have exhibited a strong interest in the arts, possess a desire to learn new professional skills, and are ready for the responsibilities of paid employment. 

Under the supervision of the Apprenticeship Coordinator and NXTHVN Staff, Apprentices work directly with the Studio and Curatorial Fellows 3 hours each week, and have 2 hours each week dedicated to group projects and activities.

Studio tasks include, but are not limited to, stretching canvas, mixing paints, conducting research, and leading guided tours. Group activities include learning and exercising leadership skills and participating in team-building exercises.

Apprentices also attend regularly scheduled professional development workshops and assist in the planning, production and installation of the exhibition in the NXTHVN gallery at the end of the year. 

The Apprenticeship program is as much about empowering Apprentices to express themselves artistically and imaginatively, as it is about the ripple effects these thriving young individuals will produce in their family and, in turn, within our communities. By providing a fully-funded platform for Apprentices to step into their own leadership potential, NXTHVN invests in the next generation of local artists, innovators, and creative problem solvers.

NXTHVN 2021 Open Call Goes Live July 1st for Fellowships & Apprenticeships Beginning June 1, 2021