John Guzman

John Guzman is a painter from San Antonio, Texas. He works with large-scale abstract figurative oil paintings that are responsive to his surroundings and the impact of him dealing with people living a self destructive lifestyle. His work uses deconstructed elements of the body to interpret the mental and physical deterioration witnessed throughout the course of their struggle. He sees his work as a form of documentation, the effect made on his individual character that contributes to his imagery. His figures are often positioned within domestic architecture, confined to inform the inextricable links between the environment and its inhabitants. John has exhibited throughout San Antonio and completed his formal training at the Southwest School of Art in 2019. His 2020 solo exhibit receives a Contemporary Art Month Award presented by Blue Star Contemporary in San Antonio. John has a forthcoming solo exhibition, I Would Have Killed To Seen It, that opens July 2021 at Presa House Gallery in San Antonio, TX.