Alexandria Couch

Alexandria Couch is a visual artist documenting figures in states of flux. Her work utilizes both traditional and found materials to facilitate states of dissonance between figures and their surroundings, provoking the apprehension of personal wayfinding.  Flat and agitated areas of paint are used to disrupt the space or provide areas of brief respite.  Body parts are created, cut down, and reassembled to generate shapeshifters that can oscillate between worlds. Couch is from Akron, Ohio where she received her BFAs in Printmaking and Painting at the University of Akron (2020). She received Printmaking and Painting MFA at Yale University (2023). During recent years Alexandria has shown in multiple exhibitions including the 2019 and 2020 AXA Art Prize, the Ross-Sutton Gallery’s Presentation for 1-54 NY, Heaven at New Image Art, Comfort/(Dis)Comfort at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking,  the 2022 Front Triennial and A Signal Not Urgent But Breaking at the Perrotin gallery in NY.