Alex Puz

Alex Puz (b. 1989 Long Beach, CA) is a painter who lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut. His painting practice investigates how perception is influenced by both emotion and cognition. He focuses on color study, optics and linear abstraction in order to explore how visual experience affects mental health and transforms bodily processes. Puz’s process oriented painting practice systematizes color and line resulting in dense, luminous and ornate chromatic fields. He holds a BFA in Studio Art from CUNY Hunter College (2014) and an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale School of Art (2022). Alex Puz is a 2017 Rema Hot Mann Foundation Nominee and the 2022 recipient of the YPEI Teaching Fellowship. His work has been written about in the Yale Daily News, on liveart.io and is featured in ArtMaze Magazine. Selected exhibitions include “Feria Material Vol. 9” in Mexico City, “Elán Vital” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Westport, “Spirit Rift” at Underdonk, “No Light Without Shadows” at Thierry Goldberg, and “Vibrant Matters” at Jeffrey Deitch.