Feb 19, 2020 Claire Kim

Ideas of intuition

I have been ruminating on ideas of intuition as a part of art practices. As I’ve been diving into studio visits, texts, and conversations about intuition-led art practices, I found the below quote by Agnes Martin. This quote was a deep breath for me– it helps me to fill in the gaps when I have difficulty finding words to describe a feeling or gesture that brings an artwork to life. Of course, I understand the importance of research and “the intellectual” in artwork. But, it is intuition that conveys feelings and heart to artistic practices– even if it makes writing and speaking about a work much more difficult.

“Artists are intuitive. They wait for inspiration. That’s what art is about, the intuitive, not the intellectual. Art about ideas stimulates ideas, but art that comes from inspiration stimulates feelings of happiness, innocence and beauty”
— Agnes Martin