Modupeola Fadugba

Modupeola Fadugba is a Nigerian multi-media artist whose practice involves painting, drawing and socially-engaged installation. As a self-taught artist, she comfortably inhabits the nexus of many disciplines. She holds a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware, a Masters in Economics from the University of Delaware, and a Masters in Education from Harvard University. Fadugba has lived in the U.S., the U.K, Rwanda, Tanzania, and currently lives in Ibadan, Nigeria. Her peripatetic life experiences have fused into a diverse and unique perspective which manifests in her work. Fadugba’s artworks explore cultural identity, social justice, game theory and the art world within the socio-political landscape of Nigeria and our greater global economy. Dreams From The Deep End, a documentary produced by Fadugba that explores unity through powerful Black figures together in water, was recently nominated for a New York Emmy. Fadugba’s The People’s Algorithm, a game installation that fosters debate about how to improve Nigeria’s education system, was awarded El Anatsui’s Outstanding Production Prize and a 2016 Dakar Biennale Grand Prize from Senegal’s Minister of Communication. Fadugba’s works are included in private and institutional collections, globally.